Tours in Apulia/Puglia

Northern than hot Sicily, and much southern than refined Tuscany, away from the picturesque Basilicata and, of course, from the popular Campania... Guess what we are talking about? Warmer, warmer ... Yes, that's it!

The heel of the Italian “boot” - charming Puglia.


Let’s meet in Bari! (Or the other city by your request)

Our adventure starts with a visit to the city of Bari, aka St. Nicholas hometown. Together with our cheerful guide, you will see the legendary streets of the old city, where venerable signoras create miniature orecchiette by the quick movements of their fingers. You will visit the castle and ancient churches, walk along the longest promenade in Italy. Get ready to absorb the information!

When you are full of positive emotions, it’s time to fill your stomach. So, we’ll have lunch with freshly caught seafood in a local restaurant.

Then, the transfer to a historic agriturismo villa among olive and almond groves will be waiting for us.

We are the lucky ones, because famous Puglian chef, where we are met by the famous Puglian chef expecting for our arrival. Francesco will tell us about the Slowfood gastronomic movement and hold a master class of Puglia cuisine. We will learn how to cook the famous orecchiette or the so-called "ears" and some more absolutely magical dishes. Even if you don’t like cooking, believe us - you will be hypnotized by Italian food!

The host will tell you an amazing centuries-old history of this villa. Thus, the dinner with self- cooked masterpieces will be not only tasty but also very intriguing like stories of this house.

The night you spend in the villa listening to relaxing concert performed by cicadas.

Day 2


Hope you enjoy an almond pastry and almond milk? Because for breakfast this particular speciality will be served to us. But don’t bother, lots of yummy tastings await you further!

What're your associations with Italy? Ours are wine, cheese and... Olive oil! It’s a great twist to visit the old mill, where olive oil has been produced for centuries! You will be taught to understand this miraculous product and distinguish bitter notes from real bitterness.

The gastronomic adventures will go on, so do not sit back. Savelletri is a seashore paradise for seafood lovers. The obligatory part of the menu is sea urchins. Don’t be afraid, it’s so tasty. Moreover, due to the recent researches, sea urchins have a euphoric effect on our bodies, so you will be definitely in love with this delicacy.

After a gastronomic miracle, we’ll move to the snow-white town of Alberobello, famous throughout the world for its “trulli” houses. Such buildings were not found anywhere else in the world and therefore, for their uniqueness, were included in the UNESCO list of cultural heritage in 1996. You will enjoy the tour with our professional guide. And don’t forget your camera - you’ll need to capture every little step!

Just imagine, we will settle down in a real “trulli” and dine, of course, in a “trulli” restaurant. Probably, you will feel like Gulliver, but what is for sure - you will remember this experience for your entire life.

Day 3


Today, we are the Hobbits a bit, because we’ll have a second breakfast at the cheese factory. Mozzarella, burrata, provolone - one of the most famous and common Italian cheeses in the Puglia region. We will visit the family manor, where these delicious and fresh cheeses have been produced for years. Moreover, we will observe the cheese-making process and even participate in it.

Moving to the wonderfully gentle Ostuni. Our guide will dip you into stunningly beautiful viewing platforms and dazzling white labyrinths of the old city. Every breath in this city transforms into your own history!

After walking through the historic centre, we’ll lunch in a famous cave-restaurant. Definitely, you’ve seen the pictures of it on the internet and now you’ll be able to feel the atmosphere by yourself!

Then, visiting Castellana Caves. Grotte di Castellana is one of the most important attractions of Puglia. This caves began to form about 90 million years ago. During the tour with the professional guides you will reach the charming White Cave, so named due to the alabaster whiteness. Don’t forget to breathe, because the view is fantastic!

To conclude our adventure, we will visit one of the best wineries in the region. You will be told all the wine-making secrets in detail and shown the magic of the local wine production. Moreover, you will be introduced to the king of wines - Primitivo wine. Wine tasting and a wine master class performed by winery owners will be a cherry on the top of our trip.

And... A stunning sunset on our way to Bari is waiting for us!

A price starts from: €700

Any program can be changed at your wish: we can add activities, cancel something that is not interesting exactly for you, make more days, combine several regions together. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Pick up and drop off from your location in a confortabile air-conditioned Minivan (NO BUS) or a passenger car (for less then 4 people).

We can organize a tour on distance, if you use your own transport and/or prefer to travel without accompanying. In this case you will get totally organized trip without a guide or a driver, but with all the sightseeings, restaurants, wineries and hotels booked for you.

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