Tours in Sicilia

The most emotional and vibrant island will meet you with oranges, pasta and the azure sea, of course. Your receptors will be crazy over the taste of the world's best mussels, shrimp and swordfish, cannoli and granita, limoncello and wine. With no doubts, this tour can be called the most diverse and colourful of all our adventures!


Day 1

We’ll meet you at the airport in Catania or Palermo.

Then, we’ll move to the Etna volcano, where you will visit the side crater. Your emotions will be spiking.

Tasting the rarest wines at a volcanic winery will be so-o-o exciting. Just imagine - grapes here grow in soils containing frozen lava and ashes. Incredible views, olive groves, horses and wine-making secrets will be spinning you around and around. After the visit to the winery and a small walk, we’ll have lunch cooked by winemakers in the old cantina.

After lunch, the incomparable Taormina or the so-called “pearl of the island” will be waiting for us. The city of love, flowers and the most beautiful postcards will bathe you in beauty and perfect views. Be sure, your cameras have a lot of free space - you will use all of it.

Even the world-known celebrities, including Grace Kelly, have chosen these places to “catch their breath”.

We will settle in a chic hotel in a stunning small town, a former medieval village.

Dinner at an amazing restaurant in our hotel.

Day 2


Do you love Al Pacino? What about The Godfather? We will visit the castle villa, where The Godfather was filmed. A real baron will meet us and introduce us to the history of the estate and the shooting days' stories.

Then, we are going to have lunch at fishing restaurant. We’ll have legendary cozze alla marinara, the best mussels in Italy and you will know why!

Then, we’ll have a short visit to Tindari, a hospitable town in the bay. We’ll see its sacred landmark, a statue of the Black Madonna. Moreover, here is the famous observation deck with a breathtaking view - get ready to make hundreds of photos.

A transfer to the centre of the island.

You will have a master class on cooking Italian handmade pasta (using a dry blade of grass!) with a Sicilian chef in a local old trattoria (the one which is not for tourists).

Feast dinner. Don’t even try to guess what we are going to eat, because we’ll eat everything!

Then, we’ll spend a night in stunning agriturismo among olive groves.

Day 3

Early departure on a boat to the Aeolian Islands.

We’ll be recovering at Vulcano island, enjoying sulfur lakes and boiling volcanic springs in the sea.

Selected island gourmets for lunch.

Moving to Lipari island. We will settle in a classic villa-hotel near the historical centre.

Walk along the main Aeolian island. You will be surprised by fascinating views and relaxing atmosphere.

Then, we’ll dine at our favourite fish restaurant in the lemon garden. Those scents won’t make you unmoved. Moreover, the restaurant, famous for its catch of the day dishes, is in the Michelin catalogue.

Day 4

The early move to the beautiful Palermo.

We are in love with local markets and after visiting the famous Palermo markets, you will love them too.

You will learn to trade as real southerner at Vucciria fish market. Then, we’ll choose the freshest fish and seafood for lunch. It will be prepared for us right there in the trattoria. Get ready to feel the authentic atmosphere of the oldest legendary place in Sicilia.

We’ll visit the Palermo catacombs while lunch is cooking.

Tour with a native Palermo guide. Furthermore, you will visit parliament and take a picture in the Mayor’s chair.


We’ll pick you up in Catania and move to the legendary city of Siracusa.

The guide will show you all the secrets and famous places of this city. All kinds of gastronomic temptations and walk along the old part of the island will make you really hungry. So, you will have lunch at an iconic restaurant in the centre of a famous Ortigia market.

Then, we’ll walk through the stunning archaeological park and visit "Ear of Dionysius" cave. This adventure will be captured in your heart for a long time.

Imagine a dream hotel in a palm grove. Views of the ancient Greek amphitheatre from the one side and the sea from the other. We’ll settle there!

The dinner will be waiting in our favourite Siracusian restaurant for locals.

Day 2


Moving to the hometown of the famous wine Nero d’Avola - the city of Avola.

We will visit an ancient winery, smell the scent of wine history and taste the best exemplars, of course.

We stay in an authentic agriturismo with a swimming pool. The chef, pasta and a fish wizard will give a master-class of Sicilian cuisine. It’s so-o-o tasty, especially if it’s cooked by yourself!

Then, we’ll have time to relax - walking around, taking photos, and just viewing the beauty around us.

For dinner, we taste fresh specialities and a lot of other incredibly delicious things.

Day 3


We are going to watch the manufacturing of our favourite Italian fish delicacy - “bottarga” dried tuna caviar.

We’ll have lunch at a fabulous restaurant in Marzamemi fishing village - the previous city of Saracen sailors. Everything here smelled of salt, fish and the local pakino tomatoes - the scent of marine history. We will walk among the fishermen’s houses. Be sure your camera is full of charge - your photos taken here will have hundreds of likes.

Then, we’ll move to Noto - the baroque town, looking as if it’s a puppet one. This city is under the auspices of UNESCO. We will walk, tasting the famous granita in the historic cafe Sicilia.

We will check into a rural hotel, built in the lemon garden. Swimming pool, buzzing cicadas, a glass of fine wine and comfortable rooms - all you need to meet the perfect evening.

Dinner at the Michelin Guide's restaurant, famous for its fusion cuisine.

Day 4


Have you ever heard about Modica chocolate? Of course, you have. And have you tried it? Don’t worry - you will have a chance. We will visit world-famous manufacture of Modica chocolate according to an ancient Aztec recipe. This is the first IGP chocolate in all of Europe. Sweetums will go crazy over the taste of this chocolate, it’s for sure.

Time to say goodbye and move back to Catania.

A price starts from: €1250

Any program can be changed at your wish: we can add activities, cancel something that is not interesting exactly for you, make more days, combine several regions together. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Pick up and drop off from your location in a confortabile air-conditioned Minivan (NO BUS) or a passenger car (for less then 4 people).

We can organize a tour on distance, if you use your own transport and/or prefer to travel without accompanying. In this case you will get totally organized trip without a guide or a driver, but with all the sightseeings, restaurants, wineries and hotels booked for you.

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