About our school

Have you ever thought of organizing a gastronomic tour? Of creating food and wine adventures in your favorite country or even in the world? Of bringing together funny and interesting people? Of inventing, surprising, showing and developing routes? If yes, you have come to the right place.

Our school is based in Tuscany. We organize training events three times a year. This year's schedule:

  • July 20-24
  • November 18-22

We know everything or almost everything about gastronomic tourism. This is not a mere tour to Tuscany. It is a magic boost into the next stage of life, full of travel, new friends and, of course, monetary rewards. This boost consists of 5 days of intensive training in gastronomic tourism. 

What to expect? Firstly, a group of people who are as crazy as you are. Secondly, living on a villa in the heart of Tuscany surrounded by cypreses and vineyards, where you can enjoy a glass of wine at sunset. After our short training you will learn how to conduct tastings and master classes. You will undergo a crash course on restaurant etiquette; you will learn how to approach small and big issues with a smile; how to create routes; why you should not stay at "regular hotels"; and why you should avoid saying "now look to the left" in your tours. You will understand how booking systems work and you can and need to avoid them. You will compare Michelin restaurants and quaint rural canteens. You will gain experience of creating long routes. 

We have invited the best speakers – chefs, agritourism business owners, professional guides and sommeliers.

Our hot tours

from €700

Olive groves, wine, beef steaks. Toscana

from €1250

Island paradise Sicilia

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Seaside Sardegna