Tours in Marche

The Marches region is the untouched pearl of real Italy. It is mostly comprised of mountains and picturesque hills and, surprisingly, low-lying sandy beaches. This region protects its natural environment through its National and Regional nature reserves and WWF reserves. But, probably within a few years, it wouldn’t be so calm and peaceful due to the thousands of tourists wanting to feel the wind of real Italy. Fortunately, you can reload and slow-down in this quiet place. What awaits you? You’ll see.

Day 1

Arriving at the agriturismo farm. This is an amazing place full of domestic animals: cows, sheep, pigs, goats, hens, ducks, burro, etc. The pool will be waiting for you and views of the Marches hills will draw your eyes for hours.

Then, the master class of Italian cuisine. Hope you enjoy cooking! It will be terribly interesting! Our chef will teach you how to cook a full-fledged Italian four-course lunch, which you will easily repeat whenever you will be.

For lunch, we’ll have self-cooked masterpieces. You will be proud of the taste of your meals! After the main course, you will enjoy watermelon, drink wine, rest in the swimming pool, interact with animals or spend time with your children on the playground, if desired.

After a lazy rest, the real activity follows - truffle haunting. You will plunge into the magic world of truffles, hidden in the woods. Professional truffle hunter will open you all the secrets of this fantastic product. You will be definitely in love with this experience.

Dinner. Yes, your journey into the magic world of truffles will be continued - you will be sitting in a cosy gazebo or in the restaurant inside (unfortunately, we are still dependent on weather) and truffle motives in dishes will wrap you with fairy atmosphere.

We are sure - your night in this agriturismo will bring you rainbow dreams only!

Day 2


Have you ever seen how your favourite cheese is produced? You will have a chance to observe the process right after breakfast. Local cheese factory will be waiting to show you how the cheese is made and offer you the best cheeses to taste.

Then, Urbino or the “Cradle of the Renaissance”. No other words are needed because it is the jewel of the Marches region, rich in history and art. It is so easy to lose yourself in this fabulous city, walking its streets with eyes geared up toward its magnificent palazzi. No wonder, that such a utopian place gave birth to such a talented and over-productive person as Raphael. You will be accompanied by our guide to learn everything about this city.

Lunch in the incredible Renaissance restaurant - you will taste that epoch, it’s for sure.

After lunch, you will continue to learn the secrets of Urbino. Be sure to charge your camera - your memories should be captured.

We will settle in an old country house, located in a fortified village of the 12th century. Just imagine - it’s like a time machine to the knights times. Can’t wait for it and you?

And the zest of this magical day will be a dinner in true Italian family atmosphere.

Day 3


Today, you will touch the legend. You will visit the house, where Mary, the Mother of Jesus was born. Yes, she was born in Palestine, but her house was transferred from Nazareth to one of the hills that surround Ancona to save it from Turkish destruction. Here the city of Loreto grew up. The mysterious appearance of its stone walls occurred on the night of December 10, 1204, and since then this piece from the Holy Land attracts everyone in the world.

Then, you will create ceramic masterpieces by ancient Italian technology. Don’t worry - you will have the best teacher in the world - Boniface, a famous master of ceramics and terracotta. It’s so relaxing activity when your hands are creating new things, you’ve never seen before. Surely, you will take your masterpieces home to decorate your house with memories.

Then, your teacher Bonifaci, honoured local resident of the city, will take you for lunch in the old trattoria. Moreover, he will show you the town-homeland of the pottery masters.

Italy without wine is not Italy anymore. Thus, we’ll visit an awesome winery, the family business with our favourite Marche wines and endless soulfulness. There you will enjoy the tour and the taste of the best wines, of course.

And a time to say goodbye…

A price starts from: €700

Any program can be changed at your wish: we can add activities, cancel something that is not interesting exactly for you, make more days, combine several regions together. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Pick up and drop off from your location in a confortabile air-conditioned Minivan (NO BUS) or a passenger car (for less then 4 people).

We can organize a tour on distance, if you use your own transport and/or prefer to travel without accompanying. In this case you will get totally organized trip without a guide or a driver, but with all the sightseeings, restaurants, wineries and hotels booked for you.

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