Tours in Campania

Campania is all about authenticity and emotions.

Day 1

Absolutely unique region. It is loud, bustling, enticing, tasty and tipsy type of place.

If your heart is craving for unforgettable adventure, this site has much to offer. Pizza and limoncello, “the southern capital” - charming Naples, amazing sea, nonstop dances and singing, and, of course, passionate love. Those who have hearts made of glass should definitely explore Italy from another perspective.

The beginning of our tour is quite gastronomic. Our first stop is at cheese dairy, where you will learn everything one could possibly know about mozzarella making - the most loved and favorite cheese.

After that together with our guide we will move on to the Royal Palace of Caserta - a former royal residence, that was honored to become a World Heritage Site.

For lunch we have prepared a special treat for you - 100% Italian traditional country cuisine experience!

Once your batteries - both inner and in mobile phones - are recharged, we will hit the road to terribly magnificent Naples. Perhaps, you will be struck by its traffic, noise and garbage. Nevertheless, you will fall in love with its uniqueness, you have my word.

We arranged you to stay in a cozy hotel in the heart of Naples. After check in, get ready for a sightseeing tour with our guide.

There are two options for dinner. The first one is at "Da Michele". In the movie “Eat. Pray. Love” Julia Roberts mentioned that it is the best pizzeria in the world worth of visiting. Though, remember, it’s a teeny-tiny place with two kinds of pizza and first come - first served principle. Beyond doubt, no one will leave with an empty stomach.

The other option is an elegant restaurant-pizzeria known for inventing of pizza Margarita.

Day 2

When we visit Pompeii: prepare yourself for a total thrill! You will hear the story of Vesuvius eruption and the end of the city buried under a cloud of ash. The town was completely destroyed in a flash and turned into a stone for centuries. Almost after two thousand years Pompeii were rediscovered. The town was gradually dug out and the story of the past years were retold.

Then we have a transfer to the next destination - Sorrento - a true gem at the Amalfi coast.

Now it’s perfect time for lunch in the hidden place, being kept secret from tourists. Sit back and enjoy the freshest seafood you've ever eaten.

Another stop is planned at the Valley of Windmills. There is some great news for those who have a sweet tooth. A huge variety of desserts are waiting for you at the legendary Amalfi pasticceria.

Perfect end of the perfect day - dinner at the traditional Amalfi restaurant! It’s highly recommended to try out some fresh fish. You won’t be disappointed!

After a long and tiresome day, sleep tight in a hotel, nestled in the cliff, overlooking magnificent view.

Day 3

At 10 am sharp we meet at the entrance of a family estate that produces one of traditional Italian liqueurs - limoncello. Don’t get lost in the lemon gardens, or you will miss a liqueur tasting.

A lunch is booked at the restaurant with an exceptional sea view. The waiting stuff will make you feel like a celebrity! No wonder, a number of famous and rich people have visited this place.

The highlight of the last day is a buffalo farm. In some way buffalo is considered to be a sacred animal in Campania. Above all, fresh and smooth mozzarella and the most delicious buffalo sausages have been invented to spoil us.

As an alternative you might want to take a walk around Salerno.

* For extra charge you may book:

  • a helicopter excursion over Vesuvius (price by request)
  • one-day trip to Capri Island (price and program by request).
A price starts from: €700

Any program can be changed at your wish: we can add activities, cancel something that is not interesting exactly for you, make more days, combine several regions together. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Pick up and drop off from your location in a confortabile air-conditioned Minivan (NO BUS) or a passenger car (for less then 4 people).

We can organize a tour on distance, if you use your own transport and/or prefer to travel without accompanying. In this case you will get totally organized trip without a guide or a driver, but with all the sightseeings, restaurants, wineries and hotels booked for you.

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