Tours in Lazio

Lazio is an amazing region, where the great Roman Empire was born. Carbonara too. And the wine here is great. Add to this a pinch of insanely beautiful nature and a dish called "travel through Lazio" will be ready. And of course, this region cannot be understood without visiting the “eternal city”. Therefore, you can always order some extra programs and excursions around Rome and the Vatican in addition to your main tour.


We’ll pick you up in Rome.

Then we’ll move to the breathtaking area of volcanic lakes and "Castelli Romani" small towns.

Also, you will be able to visit the summer residence of the Pope.


Visiting the manufacture of the legendary meat speciality - Porchetta di Ariccia. All the cooking secrets of this ancient dish will be in your power!

Lunch at the legendary 200-years-old restaurant, visit secret wine cellars (ask for a small tour for you - it’s worth a time). Do you know who dined here? The list of celebrities is endless, but Tarantino, Timberlake, Sharon Stone, Bill Gates, Robert de Niro, Keanu Reeves loves this place the most. The sight of the volcanic lake from the restaurant window will be one of the brightest memories you will be sharing with friends.

After a nourishing lunch, a walk around the strawberry city of Nemi will be the best activity for you. Aw-w-w, that strawberry sent - strawberries are everywhere, even in еinctures. Moreover, here you will try berry desserts and the real sweet and freezing Fragolino.

The secrets of Lake Nemi about the Diana goddess and the emperor Caligula will be revealed.

Then, we’ll settle in a house near the winery among the vineyards of Fraschetti.

In the wine cellar, the owner will offer you six types of white and red wine. You can enjoy these wines with homemade fresh bread, dipped in olive oil.

We will dine at the gourmet restaurant in a picturesque place. The chef here is the renowned Oliver Glowig, so no other worlds are needed. Be ready to surprise yourself with new tastes.


Ancient trattoria, famous for its local food.

Day 2


If you are in love with Italian cuisine, you will definitely choose this route to the factory of the highest quality cheeses. We will look at the manufacturing of pecorino, ricotta and Caciocavallo cheeses.


Lunch in an ancient restaurant with classic cuisine of this region.

Being in Lazio, you cannot miss the fantastic opportunity to travel to Tivoli, to visit the Monti Tiburtini mountains. Villa Adriana and Villa d'Este, we are sure that you’ve heard these names before. These two villas, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, are the pride of Tivoli. We will visit them accompanied by a professional guide.

Then, we will stay for a night in an agriturismo farm with traditional cuisine. You will enjoy rural views and the feeling of freedom.

Day 3

Summertime will let us discover the crystal clear waters, breathtaking views and the relaxing atmosphere of Ponza. It is a tiny Mediterranean paradise just a few hours drives from Rome. It is the place where you will forget about the heat in the city centre and will enjoy the chilling breeze.

Then, the daytime marine and land tour with our guide to the most exciting parts of the island is waiting for you. The lunch will be at the fabulous fish restaurant, where the freshness of dishes won’t let you unmoved!

This place is considered one of the most beautiful small islands in Italy. And the heartbreaking views of grottoes, cliffs, bays, natural arches will prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt.

During the out-of-season period, for instance, wintertime, we will stay on the mainland part of Lazio.

After breakfast, we are going to gain new and unusual experience - we will learn to cook oxtail, pasta and other specialities of local cuisine. A master class with a wizard cook will attract you even more than hours spent on the seaside. We will drink wine, laugh and learn the secrets of "Italian cuisine". Is there anything better?

We’ll answer - better than cooking with the wizard is eating the self-made food. You will be surprised how delicious are your masterpieces! So-o-o lunch is waiting.

Right after lunch, we will conquer the Monster Park Bomarzo. Salvador Dali was one of the first visitors of this park, some of the motives seen in the park he included in his painting “The Temptation of St. Anthony”. About 30 mythological sculptures and fantastic structures adorn the sacred forest. You definitely should see it!

And a time to say goodbye - we are going back to Rome, being in love with Lazio, Italy and our lives.

* For extra charge you may book:

  • 1-3 days tour over Rome and Vatican.
A price starts from: €700

Any program can be changed at your wish: we can add activities, cancel something that is not interesting exactly for you, make more days, combine several regions together. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Pick up and drop off from your location in a confortabile air-conditioned Minivan (NO BUS) or a passenger car (for less then 4 people).

We can organize a tour on distance, if you use your own transport and/or prefer to travel without accompanying. In this case you will get totally organized trip without a guide or a driver, but with all the sightseeings, restaurants, wineries and hotels booked for you.

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